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Queens Birthday 2012

Queen’s birthday is our traditional work weekend when F/friends from around the country come along and help us with some of the big outside jobs.  It is a weekend for work, fun and reconnection with communal work, laughter, music and song including a Sunday night concert.

Here are some photos of the usual woodsplitting, more of which was done at Waitangi day this year .  After the storm damage there was much to do, plus some photos of creating firewood from the slash left after pines were removed.

Image Above: Teams of 4 at the wood chipper


Firewood collection

2. Dennis throwing wood

Traditional tossing the penny

5. Chris in the thick of it

Clearing the slash in the far valley

36. The end result

The finished job. A woodpile cleared is a good feeling.

26. In revenge mode

Traditional hammer throw

24. Michael

And, of course, is safety …

28. The hat has to be just right

Fashion on the job is paramount

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