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View of the Settlement through our Visitors’ Eyes

It’s always interesting to look at our familiar surroundings through new eyes.  Raymond and Jack are two Korean men cycling around the world. They came to the Settlement as Warm Showers guests of Lyneke Onderwater late April.  They came for a couple of days and decided to stay on longer as woofers at the Settlement.

They are visiting New Zealand for three months and had already biked from Auckland to Whanganui through Taranaki.  They are continuing to Wellington and on through the South Island.  Even though they had not done much gardening they were amazing workers and helped to transform our garden.  We were very grateful for their help and their company.

They loved the nature here and really enjoyed their time at the Settlement.  They worked with several member of our community and enjoyed talking, eating and laughing together. While here they made this beautiful video using drone technology to highlight things they loved about their stay here.  We are grateful for their gift.


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