A Quaker intentional community, situated on the northern outskirts of Whanganui, New Zealand.

Sixteen homes surround a residential seminar centre accommodating up to 40, serving the needs of NZ Quakers and other groups for seminars, retreats etc.  The 20 acre site is owned by a Quaker Trust set up in 1975.  There is no individual ownership of land: tenure is therefore not “ownership” rather “guardianship”.  It could be seen as a “papa kãainga”; communal facilities kept warm by people living in the encircling houses.  Infrastructure is minimal: carports are centralised and vehicular access minimised.

Residents share all management responsibilities and work cooperatively using spiritually discerned  decision-making.   Part of the Settlement’s mission is to find more sustainable ways of living together and developing a permaculture approach to our use of the land.