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Powershift Cyclists

On Saturday 24th November we hosted eleven cyclists on their way, by low carbon transport, to Auckland  for the Powershift Conference

Some of them had started in Dunedin with others joining along the way.
One of the organisers of the conference grew up at the Settlement and we were delighted to welcome them to our community. This was on the same weekend as our bi-annual governance board meeting.
On Sunday they gave us some help in the far valley stripping tree lucerne to mulch the new plantings around the dam project (see other posts soon!!) and in the evening they shared their passions about climate change issues with us and some visitors from town. We also heard about their trip and the kaupapa of Powershift.

Powershift cyclists in the far valley

Powershift cyclists in the far valley

"Where's everyone gone?"

“Where’s everyone gone?”P1000756

Peter and the cyclists ready for departure to Jerusalem

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