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Solar Array


It was a year today that this solar array was installed at the Quaker Settlement so thought it would be good to update on what it has harvested in its first year of operation 

Over the year the total production was 13.12 MEGAwatt hours (that is 13,000 units).  Some of that was used on site and the balance was sent to the grid.  In money terms that amounts to about $3,250, a little better than anticipated.  The best  day’s production observed was 67.55 Kw hours: this was on a bright, cooler day and interestingly with high cloud reminding us that we are harvesting light of a particular wavelength.  It was also reassuring that the highest observed momentary output was 9.84 kilowatts (higher than the rated output for the array (50 panels x 193 watts= 9.6 kilowatts). The only maintenance required has been a single wash-down.
There has been considerable interest in the array since installation and we have been at pains to point out the care we all need to take to avoid wasting power.  Somewhat worryingly at the moment, we have been notified that there will be reduced credits for our input to the grid.  This may or may not be connected with Government’s anxiety to sell off parts of the power companies.

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