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Our first seminar for the year is

Let the Living Waters Flow

22nd – 24th February 2013

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From the brochure …
“In April 2012 over 850 Quakers from
51 countries gathered at Kabarak University,
Kenya for the 6th World Conference of
Friends. This seminar is an opportunity to
share the World Conference experience and
learn more about Quakers worldwide – as
well as an opportunity to take forward the
themes and wero laid before us.
The conference inspired and challenged
Friends: ‘what canst thou do?’ Do you go
from Meeting for Worship as you came? Do
you let the living waters of the spirit flow
through you? Can you be salt and light in
the world? The Kabarak Call for Peace and
Eco-justice asks us, where is the Light
leading Friends? How can we be patterns
and examples in our changing world and
seek ‘to build the peace that passeth all
understanding, to the repair of the world,
opening our lives to the Light to guide us in
each small step.’ What does this mean to us
as Friends in Aotearoa New Zealand? What
are we being called to do?”

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