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This is the only Intentional Quaker Community in the Southern Hemisphere, now 35 years old. It is nestled into twenty acres of sandy hill and plains on the outskirts of Whanganui, provincial city of approximately 43,000. 
Sixteen households encircle the community buildings  which are also used as a conference centre by diverse groups locally as well as nationally. The households here are quite autonomous but we work at cooperating in ways that are rarely possible in suburban NZ.  The community of about 30 residents, including children, care for the centre and organise an annual Quaker seminar programme, all on a voluntary basis. Please see our other posts to get an idea of the range of activities here.
There is no individual ownership of the land which is held by a Quaker Trust. Our tenure is therefore “stewardship” rather than ownership.  In Māori terms it can be seen as a papakāinga; communal facilities kept warm by people living in the encircling houses.   Buildings have been designed for maximum solar benefit. Infrastructure is minimal; carports are centralised and vehicular access minimised
As a community we endeavour to recognise the diversity of life, its interdependence and balance. This includes our relationship with the environment.
Quaker Settlement

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