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New Olive Trees

On Saturday 17th August we hired a little red digger to uplift some  10 year old olive trees from Mark Christensen’s property.


We had to dig round all sides of the tree before they could be lifted out.  And Zac enjoyed his first play in a real digger.


We had a young helper whose carer was taking part in the Penal Reform Seminar at the Settlement. Some trailer loads to the Settlement were then towed over the back by farm bike.


The digger was used to dig the holes and lift the trees into the  holes for the happy planters below.

Image 2


The new “olive grove.”
Hopefully, the trees will not only fruit but also provide some screening
of the new subdivision for those in the Garden of Peace at the other end of this valley.

We are also grateful for a generous donation to cover the hire of the digger.

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