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RiverCityPress_OpenDay2014 a


We were invited this year to be part of the Whanganui Summer Programme
and host an open day.

RiverCityPress_OpenDay2014 b

As this was the last weekend of the stay of our visitors
from Earlham College, we chose the Saturday.
However, one article advertised it as Sunday
so we ended up with TWO open days!!
RiverCityPress_OpenDay2014 c
On the way in …
RiverCityPress_OpenDay2014 d
Plenty of fruit on the trees
RiverCityPress_OpenDay2014 e
Preserves for sale on the Cart which is out every day – look for the sign on the roadside …
RiverCityPress_OpenDay2014 f
RiverCityPress_OpenDay2014 g
All our letterboxes are in one place – often a good gathering/conversation spot.
RiverCityPress_OpenDay2014 h
We had no idea how many people would arrive
but The Summer Programme counted 135!!
Most people wanted to do the full tour of the 20 acres.
RiverCityPress_OpenDay2014 j
Herding the masses.
We split the group into 5 for the walking tour heading off
in different directions
at different times to avoid congestion
RiverCityPress_OpenDay2014 m
The weather was kind and at the time of the tour it was pretty hot going.
A welcome cup of tea and nibbles awaiting the visitors on their return.
RiverCityPress_OpenDay2014 n
One of the garden beds
RiverCityPress_OpenDay2014 p
Another group in the middle valley.
In the bottom left you can see the tips on
one of the olive trees transplanted last August (2013)
RiverCityPress_OpenDay2014 q
Many visitors were interested in the solar array.


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