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SUMMER WORK WEEKEND Friday 7th to Sunday 9th MARCH 2014

On friday night we welcomed 37 Friends (including 5.children and several babies) of all ages to the Settlement to join our efforts to get some bigger jobs done. Lots of good conversation and laughter was shared throughout the weekend.

Summer work weekend b

The concert on Saturday night comprised an amazing range of poetry, stories, song and dance. We were even treated to a demonstration of some newly invented salsa-rueda moves including chainsawing, fruit-harvesting and dish-washing, reflecting some of our shared tasks. Later that evening  a number of us continued learning salsa-rueda dancing.

Summer work weekend c

A novel activity this year turned out to be processing a full super from one of the hives at the Settlement. The delicious bounty was two frames of comb honey, and a bucket and a half of golden honey. We are also dreaming up opportunities to use the beeswax in useful ways.

Summer work weekend d

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