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2015 Re-Invigorating Our Peace Testimony

Every Monthly Meeting was represented among the 25 participants at the seminar. There was also strong involvement, including five community residents, from Whanganui and Taranaki Monthly Meeting.  Facilitated by Marion McNichol and Peni Connelly, assisted by Helen Kingston and Phil McNichol, there were sessions on trends towards a more militarized society, a summary of Peni’s MA thesis on the Peace Testimony, and how this fits peace research on peacemaking practices.

Participants also worked in small groups producing new Advices and Queries relevant to modern developments in society. Hopefully these will find wide circulation among Friends. On Saturday night we watched a challenging film, “Precious Life”, based in Gaza/Israel that raised a number of moral issues arising from that complex situation. A copy has been left for the Library.  As always, there were numerous

conversations outside the sessions that both strengthened the links between Friends and shared local actions within Meetings in relation to the Peace Testimony and public expression of opposition to war in this WW1 centennial year.  Grant Marryatt provided  nutritious and delicious food for us; appreciation was expressed to him in a vigorously led waiata.

The seminar was fully funded by Quaker Education Fund.

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