We have 20 acres of land including gardens, community facilities, regenerating bush and community gardens as well as an active Seminar Programme.  We often could use help.  We offer an exchange of accommodation and resources to self-cater for people who are willing to work for four hours per day for 5 days with one day off.  We have been doing this for a long time and enjoy sharing our beautiful community with visitors and getting to know them.  We prefer it if people come for the minimum of a week and up to two weeks.

The bird life and peace here is exceptional.  It would suit people who like the outdoors and we love people who are handy with a spade.  In return we are flexible in our working hours.  This would suit someone traveling who wants to explore the area.

We are two hours drive from the mountains and Taranaki.  We are centrally located and have free WIFI available.  99% of the time you will have your own room but if you come at a really busy time you may have to share with one other.  When it’s  hot there is a pool.  There are plenty of spaces around the Settlement for peace and quiet.  When you want company we have a weekly shared meal and community coffee morning which you are welcome to come to. 

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